Drift Boss Unblocked

The controls of the game are very simple :you click to go right and release the button to go left.

In this simple game your mission is to stay on the platform all the time and reach the finish line. Even though that the game may seem very simple, be prepared for a tricky tracks with a lot of bumps, dangerous spots where you will need all your skills to stay on the platform and continue drifting.

Drift Boss : Game Description

Drift Boss

When I first noticed this game, I though that it is another simple game for kids but when I started playing it I realized that it is not what it seems to be. Drift Boss is a very addictive and very tricky online game which is not available at our website. I will try to give you some useful advice how to succeed in this game and how to unlock all bonus items. At the beginning of the game you are asked to complete the simple tutorial - that's important for you to understand how to handle your drift car. Even though that there is only one button needed to drive the car, there are a lot of tricky obstacles on the track that you must be aware of. The concept of the game is simple - you control a car which drived on the platform and your main mission is not to fall down. Keep in mind that as you progress, the game becomes more faster and there is no time to stop and think - every action can bring you to the finish or just fall down from the platform and start over again.

As I have already told you, Drift Boss is a very addictive game where the road becomes more and more dangerous as you progress. You will notice some ramps on your way so be prepared - it is very difficult to control your can when it jumps over them and you should practice a lot to overcome them. Another important factor of your success in Drift Boss game is your ability to predict the traectory of the car when it drifts. Don't panic if you can't complete the track, the game is really difficult and you will need some practice to understand how to overcome all types of obstacles. Enjoy the full version of the Drift Boss Unblocked At school for free at our website.

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